Reasons to Attend a Workshop

I’m often asked why a workshop in Italy is worth the cost and effort; here are a few reasons.

Immersion in Photography When’s the last time you spent a whole week just practicing photography? At a workshop, you get to breathe, eat, talk and sleep photography each and every day. Most workshoppers get more photography done in a week than they typically do in several months. Think of it as the luxury of time for your photography.

Immersion in Italy and its Culture A workshop in Italy exposes you to the Italian culture in a way that you likely wouldn’t get on your own. In addition to living inside the culture for a week, visits to wineries and vineyards, artisan cheese makers, and hidden, out-of-the-way locations steep you in all things Italian.

Inspiration & Motivation There is nothing like being in a new and different place to inspire you photographically. Spending time with an experienced, enthusiastic photography teacher and a small group of other dedicated photographers can motivate you to move forward with your photography.

Instruction From a Great Teacher I’m an experienced professional photographer who has been traveling in Italy for over 25 years. I’m also an award-winning, 30-year veteran teacher of the medium. Those experiences help me make complex concepts easier for you to grasp. Our small groups of 7 students mean that you get lots of personal attention. In addition, becoming a photographer is about more than making photographs; it’s also about evaluating the work you do so you can learn to improve. We incorporate critique of images that you’ve made during the week and examples of how I and other photographers have solved similar visual problems.

Concentrate on Photography, not on Travel Details – A great workshop takes care of all the details. We have everything organized – from ground transportation, lodging, guides and meals to a great itinerary that takes you to the best places in the best light makes for a “no worries” trip. You arrive in Italy, make photographs and learn; let the workshop staff take care of the rest.

Papier mache maker in Puglia, 2013
Papier mache maker in Puglia, 2013


Papier mache maker in Puglia, 2013