Workshop Student Testimonials

I have a great time working with my workshop students in Italy, but it appears they have a pretty good time, too. Here are some reactions from my alums:

Larry: “Thank you for the “fantabulous” photographic adventure in Puglia. I loved the destinations, our accommodations, the included meals and wines, transportation, and that the participants didn’t have to concern ourselves with anything other than photography. Most of all, it was a great group of workshoppers! You, your trusty assistant, Mary Pat, and the seven of us interacted so well. Real friendships have been formed. My week with you in Tuscany in 2014 and this Puglia trip are highlights in my life. I’m hoping to attend your Photograph Italy workshops for years to come.” – Larry

Ann Marie B: “I have attended four of Jeff Curto’s “Photograph Italy” workshops – in Tuscany, Puglia, Rome & Venice.  As the most inexperienced photographer, I had the most to gain.  The opportunity of  a total immersion in photography, exposure to the perspectives of experienced and professional photographers, and Jeff’s guidance took me to a level I could not have imagined.  That would have been enough, but in addition there was the beauty of Italy, good wine, fabulous food and great company!  It’s an experience not to be missed”. – Ann Marie B.

Keith B: “Jeff’s workshop was incredible. His long experience with Tuscany in terms of local photographic locations, local people and customs, together with meticulous planning meant we were whisked from one spot to another with naught to worry about but what to photograph next. In 9 days we covered more ground than I could have covered in a dozen trips to the area on my own. Interspersed with fine food, fine wine and great company, the opportunity to learn from both Jeff with his relaxed, exploratory style, and the fellow workshop participants was just fantastic. Despite being at the same locations and seeing the same things each photographer produced something completely unique and different. It was the opportunity of a lifetime and I feel my photography and my purpose as a photographer both developed immeasurably. Thanks Jeff, I look forward to being able to do it again and my advice to anyone considering it, go, go, go!

Marty G: “One of the highlights of my life was the two weeks I spent in Jeff Curto’s Italian photo workshop. I am a retired Elementary School Principal that had a visit to Italy on my “Bucket List”. The Italian people are famous for their gracious treatment of guests, Jeff Curto compliments this lifestyle magnificently. Every detail was worked out by Jeff and the instruction was focused but relaxed. Just the right amount of assistance and ‘relax and soak up the Tuscan experience.’ I came away with the best photographs and memories of my life! The workshop participants were the kind of people you feel you have known and liked your whole life, that’s because Jeff seems to attract the kind of people that we all love to be with.”

Lewis G: “A great photographic learning experience — insights from Jeff, tailored to each participant, new ideas from shooting with fellow photographers, and Italy from small towns to sweeping landscapes.”

Delta G: “Jeff Curto’s  workshop is one of the best I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been on several other workshops. The schedule, the restaurants, the sites–everything Jeff lined up for us was perfect. I also really appreciated Jeff’s flexibility and thoughtfulness. He made himself available to students every day after shooting, but was also fine with those of us that just wanted to keep working on making more images rather than meet up for discussion and editing. I came home with a fabulous portfolio of work, which I can hardly believe was from just a few days of shooting. Jeff has an outstanding ability to work with each person accordingly to their experience and ability.  He limits each group to a maximum of seven people; small groups are a requirement for me. Our schedule was busy, but we still had time to relax and enjoy each other and the culture of Italy.

Ann Marie at the ready with her camera.



Italy_2011_ 25
Andreas and Adrian working together on an early-morning shoot.






JoBeth, Ann Marie & Amanda in Burano, Italy
JoBeth, Ann Marie & Amanda in Burano, Italy



Keith uses the "Curtometer" - a device we use to help us with our compositions.
Keith uses the “Curtometer” – a device we use to help us with our compositions.