Great Italian Language app for your iPhone!

In preparation for my latest trip to Italy, I just downloaded a wonderful, simple and effective Italian language app for my iPhone. Byki Italian by Transparent Language, Inc. is a great app and very effective at helping me not only review the Italian I already know, but learn new Italian words, phrases and grammar as well. Byki Italian uses a great “flash-card” metaphor for picture-2helping you learn. Presenting you first with both the English and Italian words and then with just the Italian word (and you supply the English translation) and then the English word (where you then supply the Italian word) it takes you through the process of repeating the words until you know them. Then, you get a quiz to make sure that you know the words that you have learned.

You can choose various segments like food, transportation, hotels, finding a bathroom, etc. It’s a great app and well worth the $7.99.

Check it out at the iTunes store!